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Infrared (IR)
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Everybody talks from efficient energy exploitation, many exchange her electric light bulbs in energy savings lamps, by electric machines the main switch Is switched OFF to use no electricity in the stand By mode, and only while heating with electric electricity we fall back on machines and apparatus which had already become outdated last century!

Besides, to generate the technical possibility warming infrared radiation (IR radiation) with heating elements giebt since the 70s of the last century which show an effectiveness of more than 90%. Like a lot this technology was developed for the astronautics and the military and was used. Since the 90s this technology of the general public is accessible.

We have combined this technology with components from the nanotechnology and could increase therefore the energy efficiency again! We can offer therefore to our respected clientele a product group whose technology is on the stand newest currently and whose production follows exclusively in Switzerland, through shown skilled workers. All necessary European norms are kept of course and excelled. By the mass production can be also guaranteed a moderate price of the end user.

Pay attention to the genuineness of our products which are provided with the internationally protected brand.

The distribution of our products follows exclusively through licensed sales partners!